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Common Questions

I already use the Paper Version

There are many benefits to upgrading to the digital version, such as the ability to create bespoke checklists, full analysis of the findings, documentation of faults with photographs plus many more.

With the paper version I can visually see when an inspection is completed. Does TakeAIM do this too?

Yes, we offer a Wipe Clean Insert which provides the same visual aid that the paper version provided. The wipe clean insert allows your inspector to date, sign and insert it inside the Status Tag.

I already use the paper version. Do I need to replace all of my existing Status Tags with QR Status Tags?

No, you can add a Square QR Code to an existing tag. Then simply register the asset and scan it to access the relevant checklist. There’s no need to start again from scratch.

QR Codes

QR Codes can be applied and registered to workplace equipment. Once the asset has been registered it will automatically open the appropriate equipment checklist each time it is scanned using the TakeAIM app.

Do I have to use QR codes with the app?

No, although we recommend their use to get the most out of the app in terms of analysis and ease of use.

My QR code has been damaged. What do i do?

The system has been designed to allow replacement QR Codes to be assigned to an existing asset to ensure the process and data remains constant at all times.

My QR Code is Unrecognised?

The system has been designed to only work with TakeAIM QR Codes. You can purchase these on this site.

Are checklists available in different languages?

You can create checklists quickly and easily in your language of choice or contact us for assistance. The system doesn't automatically offer a multi-lingual function as standard.

I want to use the app in an area without Wi-Fi. Will the app still function when off grid?

We recommend you log-in to the app whilst on an available network. You will then be able to complete checklists whilst offline. Once you’ve completed your checks you can then send the completed checklist using the “sync” button when you have signal.

Is there a limit to the number of users/assets we have on the system?

No, you can have as many as you like / require.

We have multiple sites and hundreds of assets to check, how much does it cost?

The app is free to download and TakeAIM Credits enable your registered users to complete inspections on any checklist on the TakeAIM app. These credits will be available to use across a 12 month period and can be topped up as/when required. Any unused credits will be cleared at the end of 12 months. There’s no monthly bill, you simply pay for your required annual credits (each credit is the equivalent of one checklist) and start inspecting. Credits are available to use on all registered assets by all your users / inspectors.
The number of credits you have remaining is clearly visible on both the app and the dashboard to avoid the risk of you running out.

Is it possible to test the system before we commit?

Yes you can! Sign up now for a completely free 7 day trial. Once you’ve registered we will authorise the free 7 day trial for you and your inspectors to test out the system. You will not need to provide any payment details to access the trial.

How do I know if an asset has been inspected?

Inspectors see the details of an assets last inspection within the drop down option in the assets page. They can also find these details when they scan an assets QR Code. As a manager you can access this information within the assets page on your company dashboard.

We have multiple sites across the UK. Is there a way to analyse inspections by site location?

The easiest way to do this is to add the site name in the “Asset Name” or “Location Field” when registering an asset. Then you can simply search for assets with that site’s name in the field.

What operating system (OS) is the app available on?

The app is available on both Apple and Android devices and will work on devices utilising OS versions dating from: Android: 5.1+  |  iOS: 9+

Where is my company’s data stored?

Your data is stored on a secure server and is only accessible with your email and password used when registering your company.

One of our employees has left the company?

Log into your company dashboard as your administrator then simply disable their access when they leave the company which means they will no longer have access to credits to use on the app.

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