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Analyse equipment and spot re-occurring issues to help resolve them before they happen in the future

The Good to Go Safety Story

When we first launched Good to Go Safety back in 2009 (yes we've been around that long) we knew we had something special and were determined to shout about it. During the early years of trading, customer feedback was exceptional from those using the system, but we didn't get the expected uptake we knew our product deserved.

Despite a few knock backs we have done a great deal to bring Good to Go Safety to market. It's one thing having a great product and it's another showing people what it is. Over the years we've networked at top UK safety events and exhibitions, we've redeveloped our website several times, improving the look and functionality on each occasion, we've advertised in trade magazines and we're active on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube); Each and every one of these steps has helped us to develop a strong and healthy following.

Our Goals and Achievements

The positive feedback we receive further emphasises the growing appreciation for our system and inspires us to continue developing new products to meet the needs of our customers. Achieving milestones like the ones below confirm that we are making a difference and being successful in our quest to create a safer workplace.

Winner of “Best New Product”

Commercial Fleet Awards

Commended for “Safety Excellence”

BSiF Safety Awards

Runner up “Safe Working at Height”

International Awards for Powered Access

Over 3.5 Million Inspections Sold

August 2022 - Good to Go Safety

Additional Benefits of TakeAIM

We’re now on the next chapter of Good to Go Safety’s story by introducing TakeAIM, the digital version of our award winning tagging and checklist system. We believe that our customers will be extremely pleased with TakeAIM as it makes our inspections even more useful and accessible than ever before.

Why the name, TakeAIM?

AIM is an acronym for Audits, Inspections and Maintenance, plus you can Take it anywhere with you on your mobile phone.

Create an asset and register with a scannable QR code

Analyse the findings of completed inspections

Unlimited users, assets and equipment checklists

Document faults with photographs and annotations

Paperless System

Instant Updates

Bespoke Checklists

Set Reminders

Customer Quotes

“Good products, excellent service and good value for money”

Maria - March 26, 2018

“We have used them a few times and have never had any problems”

Gaynor Harris - March 19, 2018

“I found the company very helpful and guided me towards the right product for our needs. A honest and professional organisation with a very good product”

John Tostevin - July 12, 2018

“The perfect balance between simple and cost effectiveness”

Anonymous - December 18, 2015

“Great information, excellent community of thoughts and ideas”

Denise James - March 26, 2018

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Introducing the Team

During set up you call allocate inspector and administrative roles to ensure only competent and trained personnel are carrying out inspections and analysing the results. Check out our own team below.


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Sales & Marketing Director


Finance Director


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Product Manager

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Administration Team