How to use the Maintenance Log

The Maintenance Log enables you to track a fault (from the initial inspection, through to remedy and sign off).

Download the "How to use the Maintenance Log" Manual and learn everything you need to know regarding the TakeAIM Maintenance Log System.

The Mobile APP "How to" Manual

The TakeAIM Mobile APP enables inspectors to complete checks on workplace equipment and complete health and safety assessments

Download the Mobile APP "How to" Manual and learn everything you need to know regarding the TakeAIM equipment inspection app .

The Dashboard "How to" Manual

The TakeAIM dashboard enables you to view all previous inspections and maintain your equipment

Download the Dashboard "How to" Manual and learn about the TakeAIM dashboard.

How to create a Checklist

With the TakeAIM system you can create as many equipment types as you like

Download our How to create a checklist manual and follow a step by step guide on how to add your workplace equipment to the TakeAIM system.

TakeAIM Video

Good to Go Safety is going digital with a new app called TakeAIM.

TakeAIM is an auditing, equipment inspection and maintenance app used to help companies manage workplace equipment. Combined with a web platform, TakeAIM provides visibility and insights to help reduce maintenance down time and improve safety. Your team can inspect all assets, identify quarantined equipment and communicate issues directly to their head office. Helping managers analyse equipment and spot re-occurring issues to help resolve them before they happen in the future.