Status Tag Inserts

One of the features that our customers love has been the ability to display the findings of a completed checklist within the status tag for all to see. With the launch of our TakeAIM mobile app we did not want to lose this capability that was presented with the traditional paper checklist. As such, upon completing an inspection on the TakeAIM app the findings can now be displayed using a rigid PVC insert with wipe-clean surface. Simply sign and date the insert with a dry-wipe pen and insert into the tag to indicate if the equipment is Good to Go. Simply open the tag and remove the insert to scan the QR code each time a new inspection is due before updating the insert and replacing inside the tag.

• 44 x 100mm • Pack of Ten • Rigid Plastic

  • £5.00

  • Product Code: 51376
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Status Tag Inserts

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