QR Code - 12 x Square

Use a QR code to register assets and link them to the TakeAIM app, allowing them to be scanned by a registered inspector’s mobile phone and automatically opening the relevant checklist ready for the inspection to be completed.

This QR Code has a high-tack adhesive backing and can be placed directly onto an asset or inside an existing Good to Go Safety status tag – allowing you to switch existing tags from the paper system to the mobile app, or for replacing any damaged/missing QR codes.

All QR codes carry a unique ID. If a QR Code is damaged or lost, a replacement can be applied and then assigned to an existing asset. This will replace the lost QR Code but will not affect the asset’s history. Your users can then continue as normal.

We recommend the surface is carefully cleaned and dried prior to application for maximum adhesion strength.

• 27 x 27mm • Pack of Twelve • Self Adhesive Vinyl

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Tags: QR Code, Square, tag, TakeAIM, asset, register, scan, label

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