APP and Dashboard Update 1.1.1

We've completed a variety of upgrades not only to the APP but to the Dashboard features too.

What's new? The main upgrades include:

Time stamp of each check within an inspection. This ensures inspections are being completed correctly and improve user performance.

Ability to group multiple sites together under a "Head Office Admin". Enables your companies head office to monitor branch vs branch performances.

Ability to upload users/checklists by spreadsheet template (csv/excel file). Making it easier and quicker to set up

More in depth analytics. Enable management to view equipment and inspector performance and trends to help with planning and allocation of resources. Other upgrades include: 1. Assign users to assets easier. 2. An automatic description appears when creating bespoke checklists - This saves time and is editable. 3. Keep track of your purchase order history 4. Archive messages easily 5. Ability to update admin and inspector details. 6.Update also fixes bugs and errors.

New Checklists

New equipment checks available on TakeAIM

The ability for our customers to inspect all workplace equipment was one of our goals when creating the TakeAIM APP.

TakeAIM enables us to add new equipment inspections quickly and easily and to all of its customers instantaneously. It also enables you to add any type of equipment type you require.

As the TakeAIM system grows in popularity we've noticed a rise in certain equipment inspections being created, therefore we have added these equipment types to our standard equipment range and amended the inspections based on Health and Safety advice and best practice.

Bench Drill, Bench Grinder, Mitre Saw and a DSE Inspection

TakeAIM Video

Good to Go Safety is going digital with a new app called TakeAIM.

TakeAIM is an auditing, equipment inspection and maintenance app used to help companies manage workplace equipment. Combined with a web platform, TakeAIM provides visibility and insights to help reduce maintenance down time and improve safety. Your team can inspect all assets, identify quarantined equipment and communicate issues directly to their head office. Helping managers analyse equipment and spot re-occurring issues to help resolve them before they happen in the future.